an exercise in empathy with mother, by Jessica Olah

              an exercise in empathy with mother, by Jessica Olah

In May of 2015, Jessica came to me with a beautiful idea. She wanted to show gratitude and compassion for the sometimes mundane work a mother does to raise her children. Jessica thought the best way to celebrate her mom was to recreate all the PB&Js she had eaten throughout her grade school career. You guessed it, that's 2,340 days in school, and just as many sandwiches. If you google the project title, you will be inundated with pages of articles Jessica had written about her when New York caught a whiff of Peanut Butter coming from the East Village. I am so proud and grateful to have been able to help bring this idea to life.

The performance lasted five, 10-hour days - January 27th - 31st 2016. 

I worked with Jessica to create a crowdsourcing campaign, acquire a donation of 162 pounds of peanut butter, write artist statements and a venue proposal, and coordinate photography and video documentation of the project.

ABC News

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IndieGoGo Campaign


HATE valentines (2015) was a eventful collaboration between myself and Hila Perry. We lovingly labored to create an evening where art and music were to be shared in a totally selfless environment. Everything from beer, to chocolate, to felt hearts were gifts from us to the guests - although the night's lineup of bands would have been enough of a gift in and of itself. 

Thank you to 9 Lives for hosting.

Thank you to Reni Lane, Goldenhands, Jon Wiley, The Tye Trybe, and Miles From Home for gracing us with sound. 

Thank you to Bear Sheriff for donating most of the art you see in the video. The rest are set pieces from Art Works. The clouds were made by me.

Also, the Heartfelt Revolution was born that night. 



:::B O D I E S   T H R O U G H  S P A C E:::

In July of 2014, art and music joined forces in a Williamsburg loft to explore  the human form, and how it moves through space.  

The evening was graced with music by Trubdr Adam Road, Reni LaneAmani Fela ft. John Parides, Ludwig Persik, and Teen Commandments.

The art on display was an array of mediums, from interactive sculpture, to painting, and photography by me, Garrett Shore, Natalie de Segonzac, Joshua Keay, Tony Farfalla, Tara Atefi, and Camilo Fuentealba

Throughout the evening, over 200 people came to enjoy the sounds and sights in the sometimes home of The Whisk&Ladle who were wonderful hosts. It was all beautiful. 



Youth & Beauty in the City (2014) was the first art show I ever curated. It was a one-night-only showcase of creations and collaborations by me, Nicolas Guevara (who hosted the show in his South Street Seaport home), Kellie Jones, Kevin HayesCamilo FuentealbaAndrew Livingston, and live music by Trubdr Adam Road

Appetizers and cocktails were served in collaboration with Mark Low of The Whisk&Ladle Supper Club

Our paintings, sculpture, music, drawings, photography and film were on display to reflect and transcend the concept of Youth & Beauty: a pure entity whose natural decay is catalyzed by the demands and filth of our chosen home in New York City.